What is a business coach and how do I pick one?


Business coaches function in the business world much like the coaches and personal trainers hired by elite athletes; they help streamline and improve your performance.   Business coaches help you focus on the activities that bring in the highest profits.  By providing a fresh perspective, they can help you see things that you’ve overlooked.  A business coach can help you improve your bottom line, regardless of whether you own a Fortune 500 company, a smaller mom-and-pop operation or if you run a business from home.  Any business that wants to move to the next level should consider a business coach.

For entrepreneurs considering business coaching, the biggest concerns are how to find a small business coach and how to make sure that coach is the right one.  Finding and picking a business coach is not as difficult as it may seem.  There are over 30,000 life and business coaches located throughout the world.  The best way to choose the right one is to speak with prospective coaches.  Try an abbreviated coaching session and then evaluate how you feel afterwards.  Go with your gut; you need a coach that fits you and that you feel comfortable with.  But don’t delay getting started.  If you wait, it can hurt your future successes.

How can a business coach help me?

Business Coaching

Business Coaching at its best - taking you from where you are to where you want to go.

If you are an entrepreneur that is feeling overwhelmed balancing business, family and relationship commitments, you would benefit from a business coach.  Entrepreneurs are independent people.  They like to do things themselves and will often be reluctant to consider business coaching.  I know from experience, however, how beneficial a business coach can be. With an extra set of eyes and ears that are devoted to you and to accomplishing your goals, your business can grow exponentially.  You will realize how helpful your coach is as soon as you start working with them, and will probably wish you’d hired one a long time ago.

People work with coaches for a number of reasons.  The International Coach Federation conducted a survey of 210 coaching clients who had been coached for an average of nine months.  Some of the most popular reasons for working with a coach included:

  • 84.5 % time management
  • 74.3% career guidance
  • 73.8% business advice
  • 58.6% relationship / family issues
  • 51.9% physical / wellness issues
  • 45.2% personal issues
  • 39.5% goal-setting
  • 38.1% financial guidance
  • 11% creativity

Clients also viewed their coaches in different capacities.  For example, 84.8% of survey respondents viewed the coach as sounding board.  In addition, approximately 78.1% of clients viewed the coach as a motivator, and 46.7% as a business consultant.

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